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Dear Team Rotary members,


It gives me great pleasure and greater responsibility to be at the helm of affairs of our Rotary International District 2982 at a very crucial juncture. 2016-17 is, with all probabilities, going to be a historical year for Rotary and Rotarians.

Historical in one way, that it is the Centennial year of The Rotary Foundation. We all know that The Rotary Foundation is the biggest strength of Rotary. We have all been able to successfully encounter the needs of the communities around the world with the help of TRF. Started with a paltry $26.50, over the years it has delivered lot of goods and greats to the needy people around this world. Its part in eradication of Polio is peerless. We Rotarians take lot of confidence in accomplishing greater challenges because TRF is right behind us. Let us celebrate the Centennial of The Rotary Foundation with pride and commitment. It is our Foundation; every one of us has helped it grow stronger. Every one of us takes pride in all the services and accomplishments of TRF.

The Second and most important historical happening could well be, with all probabilities, bidding farewell to POLIO from this world. It took us 30 long tireless years with inundated energy and spirit to bring down Wild Polio Cases from 3,50,000 (1985) to 74 (2015) and from 125Countries to just 2. Had we not taken up the Polio Eradication campaign 30 years back there could have been more than a 1,00,00,000 human beings limping in this world. What an agony it would have been for them and their families. Are we not deserved to pat our back for that? 13 January 2011 is a historical day in the annals of India and Rotary. That day India bid farewell to Polio, thanks to the efforts of Rotary and the Governments. There could very well be a date in our diary in 2016-17 to be remembered for ever. Yes, that would be the day the whole world bids farewell to Polio!

Let’s be prepared to celebrate the success by committing more to the communities around this world! Let us be prepared to celebrate it by propagating it widely! which in turn will bring in lot of helping hands with serving minds. Let us be prepared to celebrate it to make our foundation stronger by bringing in more funds so as to take up bigger challenges!

With Lover in Rotary Service,

Shanmugasundaram, T / District Governor

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